New game.. New club…. Struggling

I almost made my peace with tottenham that I was playing. I wanted to start afresh.So I started my career from 2012 with manchester city. I had difficulty in selling inefficient players as their salaries were higher. I also made sure I bought young players who were talented that could form core team. Hazard, Neymar and Sanchez are my star players for now.

I won quadruple of titles in my first season. It was easier than I thought. Second season I sold all experienced players like Nasri, Clichy, Yaya Toure and Silva. I won nothing except for the club world championships. After my years of experience to infuse youngsters actually backfired. All the games are lost in the last moment. I had the best defensive record in my first season second season it got worse.

I also started changing formations frequently to accommodate players and that didn’t go well.

I am in my 3rd season and the season is like blowing hot and cold. We aren’t playing convincingly and at times I really wish I resign from the post.

I have also invested heavily on wonder kids. I almost have a second team that has wonderkids. But I was greedy, I have disproportionate numbers in few postitions. I have like 4 strikers, 3 attacking midfielders left etc. With my team struggling I actually bought lot of experienced players. Kroos, Vidic, Jones, Ronaldo, Dani Alves etc. I bought these players with the money I had accumulated selling my star players.

Lets see  how this season goes ! It’s a struggle for now !


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