Game on..

My 3 years at Dortmund has made me enjoy football more. In-spite of winning everything that the game has to offer in three years, It still seems that I can improve my team a lot more.

I have had major competitions in Champions league knockout matches. Previous clubs I have managed Manchester city and Roma are still winning the leagues and growing stronger. Players whom I had coached have got better and bigger.

This makes my competition a lot more better and interesting. Also the Bundesliga is getting tougher. It was more of two horse race but now there are 5-6 teams competing in the league.

I managed to win everything last year, however thought that I need to invest in my team. I actually went against my principle of not buying older players. I bought 6 new players most of them were around 24-25 years of age.

I struggled in the initial 6 games, conceding in 5 goals in the last games. Suddenly after international break, the team has picked up steam and played well.

Competition out there, here I come.


Nomadic Life !

Career in Manchester city was success. I finally won all competitions that the club could achieve. The team had gotten lot stronger and we finally had enough depth in the team to survive injury phase.

I always want the team I manage to have scored highest goals and concede fewest goals in the league. We managed to do that as well.

I needed a fresh challenge. Challenge would be to disrupt the league winning pattern. Say in La Liga, there would be Real Madrid, Barcelona and At. Madrid in top 4. In Italy, we would have Napoli, Inter Milan, Juventus or AC Milan competiting for the top 4. I wanted to change that.

Roma caught my attention. Roma was a reputable club but was under performing. They didn’t make it to the top 6 for 4 seasons. That was the challenge I  was looking for.

Luckily they came looking for me. I took the job happily. Personally I have to win a silver ware in my first season. It would be a disgrace without that. I didn’t have enough money to spend to buy quality young players.

This was tough. I tried persuading a lot of my former players to join this club. They weren’t interested. Meanwhile, I had also begun selling my players. This was a risk. With season starting I needed to have a team to compete.

I have had minor success in getting a few former players and staff as well. I did buy experienced players. Evra, Phil Neville, Gerrard and Lampard were available. I bought Evra and that helped.

Currently after 2 years in Roma, I finally started enjoying my career. I have got great set of players to play with. Hazard, Ronaldo, Bale and Neymar are helping my team to be the most talented front line attack in Europe. With Messi in talks it will great.

Update:- Sunil Chettri has scored more than 50 goals in 2 seasons in Roma. He is now trying to be poached by every club in the World.

Currently: we are in January transfer window and I have already bought Ravel morrison, Alex chamberlain on free transfers.

Will keep you posted.



Finding my roots !

I have had bad experiences in my virtual football manager career. Every time I starting building thing, either my game crashes or I lose my saved file ! Same thing happened in my Roma career !

I started my managerial career again fm 2011 with Manchester City. I wanted to compete with Fergie and see how I match up. I have had good 15 years experiences in my virtual managerial career.

I had really tough time in selling big stars from Manchester City. I haven’t still completely got rid of players that I don’t want. My transfer season was a success, I paid a lot for Neymar, Bale and Phil Jones and managed to win 1 trophy in muy first season.

Second season was superb I sold few more players and bought in rafael, arda turan, Alaba and Hazard. This season I won the Europa league and the FA cup, we were placed in the top 4.

Third season was a major breakthrough in the domestic league. We had Toni kroos and Edison Cavani joining us and we won the premiership, FA cup and semi-final place in Champions league. January window I saw Sunil Chettri available for purchase and I bought him. Most of you would think that he might not perform well, I bought him for the team’s depth and his abilities might increase that would help Indian national team.

Currently I am struggling with the champions league games. Lets see !

Italy…New league….. Glory hunting !

In my past experiences of being a manager I have never managed a club in Italy. After having a redemption year in Manchester city and winning everything that club to achieve, I decided to manage a club in Italy. Inter, Juventus were giants in Serie A. I wanted to manage a club that was perceived having good team and players in their ranks. Roma were struggling and I decided to apply. I got hired and it was time to clear the mess the club had. Clearing the mess, placing structures and transferring players is one the first impression that you could make as a manager !

You wouldn’t be popular selling important players but it important for you to sell if he doesn’t fit in your plans ! What’s more worrying is you have coaches who aren’t good at all serving club for almost a decade, you need mutually terminate their contracts. You feel gutted but emotions shouldn’t waiver your decision making ability!

I have won the Serie A title and Super Cup for now.

Interesting journey ahead and Cristiano Ronaldo is retiring this season !

More to follow !

Impatient manager….. Talented youngsters !

By just winning the FA cup in my 3rd season, I gave one more year for redemption. I bought a few key players from spanish leagues and bought youngsters all over the world. I really hope I can carry my youth star players to many clubs and taste success like I have done in the past.

The team was absolutely raring to go. I made sure we had few exhibition matches and kept high training tactic to my team. I also made sure I sold few high rated players who didn’t improve. My team didn’t participate in the U-18’s and Reserve league. Made sure all my wonder-kids went on loan. This would allow them to accustomed to different leagues and also they get game time. I think reserve leagues in England are for those players who are recovering from injury or some young players need to get game time.

I included a lot of youngsters this season into the team. These youngsters were on loan to varies different leagues and also performed really well in those leagues. A few of them ended up being top scorers in those leagues. It was high time for them to see some action in my first team.

It’s been a good journey so far. The other teams are being more competitive. It’s a good challenge. Have had some incredible games in the European championships.  Been very interesting journey so far.

Will take every game on its merit !

New game.. New club…. Struggling

I almost made my peace with tottenham that I was playing. I wanted to start afresh.So I started my career from 2012 with manchester city. I had difficulty in selling inefficient players as their salaries were higher. I also made sure I bought young players who were talented that could form core team. Hazard, Neymar and Sanchez are my star players for now.

I won quadruple of titles in my first season. It was easier than I thought. Second season I sold all experienced players like Nasri, Clichy, Yaya Toure and Silva. I won nothing except for the club world championships. After my years of experience to infuse youngsters actually backfired. All the games are lost in the last moment. I had the best defensive record in my first season second season it got worse.

I also started changing formations frequently to accommodate players and that didn’t go well.

I am in my 3rd season and the season is like blowing hot and cold. We aren’t playing convincingly and at times I really wish I resign from the post.

I have also invested heavily on wonder kids. I almost have a second team that has wonderkids. But I was greedy, I have disproportionate numbers in few postitions. I have like 4 strikers, 3 attacking midfielders left etc. With my team struggling I actually bought lot of experienced players. Kroos, Vidic, Jones, Ronaldo, Dani Alves etc. I bought these players with the money I had accumulated selling my star players.

Lets see  how this season goes ! It’s a struggle for now !

Fickle mind….Strong heart….familiar club.

I have always mentioned, the time I stop enjoying and seem there is no challenge in the club I manage, I would leave the club. I was winning everything in Athletico Madrid. I also saw Tottenham was struggling in 8th place in December. I was fully confident that Atl madrid would do well without my leadership. Tottenham sacked their manager and was looking for new manager. To have enough challenge, I applied to Tottenham and they offered me a job. I took it. For once, I felt guilty leaving a football club mid season. Emotions are absolutely no-no in managerial career. I had to clean the mess that was rotting in the club. I had to sack inefficient coaches and put players on sale in January window. I had been in the role for a long time. My players who played under me few years back ( I am into the game in the year 2028, I started in year 2012) were retired and coaching in other clubs. I sourced them to Tottenham. I had bid strategically my players in Madrid, I exactly knew their contracts and options of buy out clauses. It didn’t go too well for the supporters there. But that is football. I got my team. I also persuaded Ryan Giggs who had been assistant manager for all the clubs I have managed in my careers. I am paying him a lot of money. I bought Phil Jones age 36 for the experience he could bring to the young team. The thought was he could a coach once he retires. Currently wrestled my way through Manchester united, Liverpool, City and West Ham and won the premier league. Journey continues.

Risky transfer……

This season I have taken a huge risk of selling Ronald van veen (MC) from my team. He was 29 and I usually don’t keep anyone who is above 28. I have always been following this rule right from my first club.

I had to sell him for personal reasons.

1) When I had him on my team, I knew he impacted the game and we could win.

2) I really didn’t try enough to be a manager. The team was taking care of itself.

3) He was really getting lesser play time, I introduced youngsters in his position. To be all fair to him, I wanted him to get games to play when he was at his peak.

I don’t care about the money we get from transfers, but won’t let go for a bone.

I have Andy bates who used to play alongside him last season, I also have Boris Raseta (DM) who is exceptionally talented player. Andy is a player I really like and want to give him more responsibilities, I wanted to sell him 2 seasons ago, but I saw his statistics and they were phenomenal, his assists and goals for a midfielder was just incredible. He also broke down the opponents and gained possession for the team. I really liked his dynamism and work rate he brings to the team.

I am like Mourinho at times, I need players playing exceptionally well in their positions  but also maintain teams philosophy. Get back when we lose the back, try winning it back.

So Hope my players cope without an exception Midfielder, and I start giving more thought to the team.

Changing times.. Atletico Madrid.

With impressive first year, I had solid team. The core team were wonder kids I had trained at Tottenham. But It was time, I had to give chance to youngsters who I had trained at Manchester United. I always knew there will be time where all the senior players had to be sold.

The only reason I would sell them was to free up space. I sold Mark van brukken (AML) to Manchester city. A class player. He topped in assists in La Liga the previous season. But had to let go him for a youngster. I also had to leave an defender for an youngster.

It is tough to let them but I have no choice. I remember the same happening when I was managing Tottenham. I didn’t feel bad because I had worked with senior members for a few years, but letting go a player whom I have trained and played in my team entire time is tough.

It is good, at least allowing them to play for different team in their careers. And it is also exciting for me to take up the challenge and win all the trophies that come in our way.

Motivation is very important in managing a football club. Challenges are very essential.

Looking forward to challenge and be challenged!


Athletico Madrid. Good start.

First year, we won the league. Lost the cup match to Barcelona. In my experience in two other leagues, La liga’s competition is quite relaxed. There are more days between two games. May be in real world 🌍 it is helpful. Definitely not in virtual.

English premier league is pretty intense. Usually 15 teams are competitive.

In La Liga smaller teams really test your tactics. Usually they play defensive but also try keeping possession. When on offensive they don’t counter but play a lot of passes through the middle.

Bigger teams play with better fluidity. Their counter faster and defend well. I see all big teams have good midfield, they play from the middle and not from the back as EPL.

Athletico Madrid needed much shake up. Lot of talent had to be infused, new coaches and players. Scouting needed more importance. I needed quality scouts so that I could infuse youngster who could play for first team. La liga had more homegrown players. I had to make sure it continued. It was a conscious decision I made.

Luckily, I could poach few best coaches, scouts from the teams I managed before. I got the back room staff I needed. Ryan giggs was my assistant manager.

So far my team have won all matches. Conceded a single goal.

I Still need to win the champions league. Tottenham here I come.