Fickle mind….Strong heart….familiar club.

I have always mentioned, the time I stop enjoying and seem there is no challenge in the club I manage, I would leave the club. I was winning everything in Athletico Madrid. I also saw Tottenham was struggling in 8th place in December. I was fully confident that Atl madrid would do well without my leadership. Tottenham sacked their manager and was looking for new manager. To have enough challenge, I applied to Tottenham and they offered me a job. I took it. For once, I felt guilty leaving a football club mid season. Emotions are absolutely no-no in managerial career. I had to clean the mess that was rotting in the club. I had to sack inefficient coaches and put players on sale in January window. I had been in the role for a long time. My players who played under me few years back ( I am into the game in the year 2028, I started in year 2012) were retired and coaching in other clubs. I sourced them to Tottenham. I had bid strategically my players in Madrid, I exactly knew their contracts and options of buy out clauses. It didn’t go too well for the supporters there. But that is football. I got my team. I also persuaded Ryan Giggs who had been assistant manager for all the clubs I have managed in my careers. I am paying him a lot of money. I bought Phil Jones age 36 for the experience he could bring to the young team. The thought was he could a coach once he retires. Currently wrestled my way through Manchester united, Liverpool, City and West Ham and won the premier league. Journey continues.


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