Impatient manager….. Talented youngsters !

By just winning the FA cup in my 3rd season, I gave one more year for redemption. I bought a few key players from spanish leagues and bought youngsters all over the world. I really hope I can carry my youth star players to many clubs and taste success like I have done in the past.

The team was absolutely raring to go. I made sure we had few exhibition matches and kept high training tactic to my team. I also made sure I sold few high rated players who didn’t improve. My team didn’t participate in the U-18’s and Reserve league. Made sure all my wonder-kids went on loan. This would allow them to accustomed to different leagues and also they get game time. I think reserve leagues in England are for those players who are recovering from injury or some young players need to get game time.

I included a lot of youngsters this season into the team. These youngsters were on loan to varies different leagues and also performed really well in those leagues. A few of them ended up being top scorers in those leagues. It was high time for them to see some action in my first team.

It’s been a good journey so far. The other teams are being more competitive. It’s a good challenge. Have had some incredible games in the European championships.  Been very interesting journey so far.

Will take every game on its merit !


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