Risky transfer……

This season I have taken a huge risk of selling Ronald van veen (MC) from my team. He was 29 and I usually don’t keep anyone who is above 28. I have always been following this rule right from my first club.

I had to sell him for personal reasons.

1) When I had him on my team, I knew he impacted the game and we could win.

2) I really didn’t try enough to be a manager. The team was taking care of itself.

3) He was really getting lesser play time, I introduced youngsters in his position. To be all fair to him, I wanted him to get games to play when he was at his peak.

I don’t care about the money we get from transfers, but won’t let go for a bone.

I have Andy bates who used to play alongside him last season, I also have Boris Raseta (DM) who is exceptionally talented player. Andy is a player I really like and want to give him more responsibilities, I wanted to sell him 2 seasons ago, but I saw his statistics and they were phenomenal, his assists and goals for a midfielder was just incredible. He also broke down the opponents and gained possession for the team. I really liked his dynamism and work rate he brings to the team.

I am like Mourinho at times, I need players playing exceptionally well in their positions  but also maintain teams philosophy. Get back when we lose the back, try winning it back.

So Hope my players cope without an exception Midfielder, and I start giving more thought to the team.


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