Changing times.. Atletico Madrid.

With impressive first year, I had solid team. The core team were wonder kids I had trained at Tottenham. But It was time, I had to give chance to youngsters who I had trained at Manchester United. I always knew there will be time where all the senior players had to be sold.

The only reason I would sell them was to free up space. I sold Mark van brukken (AML) to Manchester city. A class player. He topped in assists in La Liga the previous season. But had to let go him for a youngster. I also had to leave an defender for an youngster.

It is tough to let them but I have no choice. I remember the same happening when I was managing Tottenham. I didn’t feel bad because I had worked with senior members for a few years, but letting go a player whom I have trained and played in my team entire time is tough.

It is good, at least allowing them to play for different team in their careers. And it is also exciting for me to take up the challenge and win all the trophies that come in our way.

Motivation is very important in managing a football club. Challenges are very essential.

Looking forward to challenge and be challenged!



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