Athletico Madrid. Good start.

First year, we won the league. Lost the cup match to Barcelona. In my experience in two other leagues, La liga’s competition is quite relaxed. There are more days between two games. May be in real world 🌍 it is helpful. Definitely not in virtual.

English premier league is pretty intense. Usually 15 teams are competitive.

In La Liga smaller teams really test your tactics. Usually they play defensive but also try keeping possession. When on offensive they don’t counter but play a lot of passes through the middle.

Bigger teams play with better fluidity. Their counter faster and defend well. I see all big teams have good midfield, they play from the middle and not from the back as EPL.

Athletico Madrid needed much shake up. Lot of talent had to be infused, new coaches and players. Scouting needed more importance. I needed quality scouts so that I could infuse youngster who could play for first team. La liga had more homegrown players. I had to make sure it continued. It was a conscious decision I made.

Luckily, I could poach few best coaches, scouts from the teams I managed before. I got the back room staff I needed. Ryan giggs was my assistant manager.

So far my team have won all matches. Conceded a single goal.

I Still need to win the champions league. Tottenham here I come.


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