Manchester United long gone now athletico Madrid.

I stayed in dortmund for a while, one season. Bundesliga, is not competitive. I would have loved to stay, but after winning all matches I felt I need to have more challenges. So I did go settle for united. English premier league is competitive. Tottenham had still strong 💪 performances, and all the wonderkids had matured. They were ruling the roost. I think the foundation I laid did stay very strong.

I had to shake the existing set up in Manchester United. We didn’t have enough staff, no youth talent and relied on big player signings. I did what I did for Tottenham before. By this time most of the world class talent hard retired. I bought them in coaching positions. Increased my scouting system. I stayed there for 4 years won everything, did dethrone Tottenham from their perch.

I needed new challenge. Athletico came calling. La liga gave a different perspective of the game. It was competitive, Barcelona and real Madrid took away honours so I wanted it to be a three way battle. I took mature kids from United. Did the same way, shook system in athletico Madrid. Transferred most of the players to clubs. Bought in staff, youth players, bought in some players from the B team.

So far things have worked well, did lose to barca once, leading the table. Will win championship for sure. My nemesis on European stage would be still Tottenham. They have become champions again.

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