New frontier …. Untested waters.

I always found that young talents should always be given 1st team opportunities. Not the league cup or the FA cups. Unless they are given in other matches, I feel they are cheated. Reserves are of no use I have said this before. I always recruit top talented kids when they are 15 (germans) 16 ( rest of the world) years old. Given time of 3-4 years playing in various affiliated clubs on loan they either make it or break.

Ones who make it will be given games in the league but also would made available for reserves. This would make them play 2ce as much and develop faster ( reaching their potential). Ones who don’t make it would be immediately placed on transfer list. I do this is only because they could find playing time somewhere and not Rot here.

Currently I am on year 18/19 with Tottenham. I have won almost everything available on offer (not ALL). I have also constantly kept allowing talented kids to come into the team. This year was the toughest season in 2 terms. 1.) I had to Transfer Douglas costa and Neymar to clubs. 2.) Have trusted kids to win the league.

I had to transfer them was to free up 2 spots in my attacking area. Costa was on CM role and neymar was either striker or AM. I had to dish them off to accommodate 4 brilliant young talents who had been waiting and performing brilliantly in team that they were loaned.

My instinct says that with 4 experience players still remaining I feel that talented youngsters could sniff the TITLE once again.

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