Fight for places..

Class of 2016-17 is of currently Tottenham’s youth brigade fighting for first team places. Yes I had a brilliant squad before, I also invested heavily on more wonderkids. I started my game in 2012 and few seasons transfers having more then 13 players In and none out. I knew there would be a day where all these kids would be ready to start games.

I do have big names still, Sanchez, Ronaldo, Neymar, Hazard, Douglas costa and Thiago silva. But I sold a lot of them Falcao, jovetic, lucas moura, pique, mata, cavani, Kagawa, Fellaini, Messi and Casillas.

My set up is 3 year plan. I take wonderkids and keep them for 3-4 years. This makes the wonderkids either fade or have the same potential with them. These years I would keep them playing in other clubs for loan. I also once rejected tottenham’s reserves proposal and arranged friendlies continuously.

Trust me I regularly played celtic and rangers of scotland and they were also happy to play with friendlies. This gave them great learning experience. I don’t believe in U-18’s competition, so I make those wonderkids available for reserves and U-18’s. Thus 2ce the playing time and resurrection time to sustain their talent.

After all these I place them slowly in games and next season the superstar is off.


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