Breaking boundaries… Dortmund.

In my earlier post, I had my views on how talents should be given chance in 1st team football. I tried and worked, we (Tottenham then) won almost everything on offer.

I thought I had achieved everything I could. Wanted new motivation and challenge. I also had lot of young talents frustrated by getting limited chances to play.

I checked in on Dortmund, simply because Bayern had won most of the titles for 5 years and almost bullying every other team in all departments.

Dortmund on other hand was buying young talent from us and wasn’t challenging enough. Our youngsters was preferring Dortmund move.

Meanwhile I applied at Dortmund after their manager left for Schalke. I then offered transfers for most of the youngsters who weren’t happy there, and I got them.

Made a new team, Beating all records. I have also changed the way we play soccer completely slow and possession based game. 2-3-2-2-1 formation.

Bayern is only so far a challenge. Unbeaten for 18 games now.


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