Italy…New league….. Glory hunting !

In my past experiences of being a manager I have never managed a club in Italy. After having a redemption year in Manchester city and winning everything that club to achieve, I decided to manage a club in Italy. Inter, Juventus were giants in Serie A. I wanted to manage a club that was perceived having good team and players in their ranks. Roma were struggling and I decided to apply. I got hired and it was time to clear the mess the club had. Clearing the mess, placing structures and transferring players is one the first impression that you could make as a manager !

You wouldn’t be popular selling important players but it important for you to sell if he doesn’t fit in your plans ! What’s more worrying is you have coaches who aren’t good at all serving club for almost a decade, you need mutually terminate their contracts. You feel gutted but emotions shouldn’t waiver your decision making ability!

I have won the Serie A title and Super Cup for now.

Interesting journey ahead and Cristiano Ronaldo is retiring this season !

More to follow !


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