Game on..

My 3 years at Dortmund has made me enjoy football more. In-spite of winning everything that the game has to offer in three years, It still seems that I can improve my team a lot more.

I have had major competitions in Champions league knockout matches. Previous clubs I have managed Manchester city and Roma are still winning the leagues and growing stronger. Players whom I had coached have got better and bigger.

This makes my competition a lot more better and interesting. Also the Bundesliga is getting tougher. It was more of two horse race but now there are 5-6 teams competing in the league.

I managed to win everything last year, however thought that I need to invest in my team. I actually went against my principle of not buying older players. I bought 6 new players most of them were around 24-25 years of age.

I struggled in the initial 6 games, conceding in 5 goals in the last games. Suddenly after international break, the team has picked up steam and played well.

Competition out there, here I come.


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