Nomadic Life !

Career in Manchester city was success. I finally won all competitions that the club could achieve. The team had gotten lot stronger and we finally had enough depth in the team to survive injury phase.

I always want the team I manage to have scored highest goals and concede fewest goals in the league. We managed to do that as well.

I needed a fresh challenge. Challenge would be to disrupt the league winning pattern. Say in La Liga, there would be Real Madrid, Barcelona and At. Madrid in top 4. In Italy, we would have Napoli, Inter Milan, Juventus or AC Milan competiting for the top 4. I wanted to change that.

Roma caught my attention. Roma was a reputable club but was under performing. They didn’t make it to the top 6 for 4 seasons. That was the challenge I  was looking for.

Luckily they came looking for me. I took the job happily. Personally I have to win a silver ware in my first season. It would be a disgrace without that. I didn’t have enough money to spend to buy quality young players.

This was tough. I tried persuading a lot of my former players to join this club. They weren’t interested. Meanwhile, I had also begun selling my players. This was a risk. With season starting I needed to have a team to compete.

I have had minor success in getting a few former players and staff as well. I did buy experienced players. Evra, Phil Neville, Gerrard and Lampard were available. I bought Evra and that helped.

Currently after 2 years in Roma, I finally started enjoying my career. I have got great set of players to play with. Hazard, Ronaldo, Bale and Neymar are helping my team to be the most talented front line attack in Europe. With Messi in talks it will great.

Update:- Sunil Chettri has scored more than 50 goals in 2 seasons in Roma. He is now trying to be poached by every club in the World.

Currently: we are in January transfer window and I have already bought Ravel morrison, Alex chamberlain on free transfers.

Will keep you posted.




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