Tottenham Class

I found myself, not playing all of my talented players. I fiddled with 4-4-2 formation and 4-2-3-1 formation. Both these formations are rigid and players weren’t comfortable. There wasn’t goals scored as expected by many. 

I also had problems with jovetic and neymar sitting out on bench as I played Cavani and Falcao up front. Midfield had hazard-kagawa-lucasmoura-mario gotze. This is when I am playing 4-4-2 formation. 

When playing my 4-3-2-1 I had to sacrifice Jovetic-Cavani-Neymar. Placing only Falcao upfront.

I had chelsea playing with 4-2-3-1 but a closer formation not the regular one.

Eureka! I figured to copy the same way and placed Hazard-Fellaini in midfield and Neymar-Jovetic-Cavani behind striker Falcao.

Awesome tactic, worked immediately, Some slick passing and brilliant counter attacking football. All the strikers are happy and goals are flowing.

I need to remind you all, I have great defense also. Fabio-Gareth bale-Thiago silva-Phil jones-Rafael at back.

Yes, Gareth Bale as left back because he is helping the team to play brilliantly. Free kicks and right corners are given to him.

See you next time, Now need to go back TITLE CONTENDER clash according to Roberto Di Matteo’s Chelsea.

Current status : I am Leading 1-0 Brilliant Cross by Lucas Moura and Powerful finish by Falcao.


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