Arsenal : The Next Frontier

I resigned from Manchester United as the manager. I wanted to take over arsenal from the dust. Arsenal in my time 2023 was relegated and then earned promotion when I was at manchester united. I really felt I had to do something right. In middle of the season at manchester I lost all my motivation, didn’t change my tactics not selected players in match line ups. I delegated the task like never before to my coaches and assistant managers. I had all the best player as in the real world serving as managers in my time here. So the Ronaldo’s, Zidane’s. Messi’s you name a top player I had him there helping me out.

Now back to Arsenal 1st season I had to make a lot of transfers I tried to empty my Manchester side and convince them to join the promoted Arsenal. I had quite some headache and negotiations to follow the next two months. Finally I had most of the players and kicked of my campaign. 2 losses in first 3 matches did bother me. I saw the squad and I was like OMG. Most of the players transferred at the times of championships was not ready for Premiership and then they were at mostly 20’s. I had to hang in there for the january window. I had to see the transfer clauses and do the shopping. I had another set of my former teams’s players join me.

I won the FA cup and Premiership did the double after 20 years for Arsenal. I was at 2024 and last they won was 2004. I was finally there. Did It !!!

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