My Life as Football Manager !

Hi everyone, I had this account for a long time. It didn’t click to me what had to be written, as I already had another google blogspot account named or google it as opinion impetus.

I have been playing Football manager of Sports interactive for almost 2 years now from 2011 version.

I thought I could pen the virtual life I experience in this game. No doubt there has been emotional dilemmas at times of transfer of player to another club or vice a versa  and many many problems like these.

In real life I am a state level football referee class ‘C’. No luck till now in applying for the real ‘D’ license as per FIFA. Political scenario and mindset of the people to allow youngsters to follow the dreams as the coach isn’t present among the committee members. it so happens that they say that if you are a referee you can’t be a manager or a coach because in long run you will hold two posts and double the revenue shmurr. I just don’t understand their logic. More ever you got be a state level player to be recommended for a chance to pursue the license course.

Good news I have hope lets see what happens. Luckily in my virtual world I have been Champions of europe 8 times , Premier league 8 times champion and league and FA cups 4-5 times in eight good years at Chelsea. I didn’t start of being the manager of Chelsea I started being manager of LA galaxy. Motive behind was to learn the system how the USA soccer market worked, won quite a few in my 2 years reign. I was offered Chelsea and thus started my journey in England.

After I won all I could at Chelsea I decided to resign and applied job at Manchester united. Motivation was to have different challenge.

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